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Mini pcie slot can have how many pins

I'm helping someone build a computer and scommesse sportive giocate they absolutely insist on having an internal Bluetooth adapter.
This is because the card needs to be screwed-in for proper contact, and the screw-hole is twice as far away from the half-height card than it needs to be, so you need a plastic adapter that screws in properly and holds-down the half-height card).Introduced in 2002, Mini PCI Express was superseded.2 (see below).The connector and form-factors are the same, but the specs of the actual individual PINs only partially coincide.The best analogy I can give is this: Think some big-name branded household appliance that you can buy both in the USA and in France, and that has a detachable power cord.Bottom line is: "yea they look the same, but what happens when you plug a given card into a given slot can only be predicted if there is some explicit documentation about the outcome of that act.".My Lenovo T420 has a "mini PCI-Express wwan slot the whitelist of cards that work in this slot includes both "mPCIe wwan cards" (which are pure USB modems, giochi gratis carte calcio mounted on cards of the mPCIe form-factor and using the USB pass-through signals) and "msata storage cards".Finally, have someone blindfold you (put stoppers in your ear, etc.) fly you blind to one of the two countries, and bring you a room where you can plug in the appliance.Are we having fun yet?It might work just fine; it might work, but only at half-speed or a double-speed; it might immediately short out a fuse somewhere; it might actually burn-out instantly, or even burst into flames within seconds; on the other hand, it might be that what happens.This seems to be the case with my Lenovo Thinkpad T420, for example.In fact, there is code in the bios which prevents even a regular USB card from working in this slot.I've been repeatedly insisting on him simply getting a USB Bluetooth dongle, but he doesn't want one taking up his external USB slots.But careful: you really should use an adapter to put a half-height card into a full-height slot, even though it "fits" just fine.I've just lost several hack zynga poker 2017 iphone days to this subject; it would be best if someone who is actually knowledgeable could confirm the correctness of the following, but afaik, this is what I understand is actually going on: mini PCI-Express (mPCIe) and mini sata (msata) are two.So, for example, if you stick the Wifi card from some Lenovo Thinkpads into the wwan slot, it won't work; but if you take a tiny sliver of scotch tape and cover pin 20 on the Wifi card and then insert it into the wwan.Because the connector and form-factors are the same, you can easily insert cards of one type into either slot.
These cards are in fact just wwan modems, and connect via the USB pass-through pins of mPCIe).
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